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Probably the best network

We believe in the power of focus. It has always been our driving force. We focus on on Director and Partner searches in consulting and corporate finance. And only that. 

Every search project is built on top of a strong foundation of all previous ones. We are convinced that this is the most important succesesfactor in executive search. Having a great process in place helps, but in the end it is the ability to tap into the most relevant contacts that defines the best outcomes. 

Since 2000 we were involved in 1,000+ consulting and corporate finance related transfers. Let that number sink in… The result? Probably the best network…

This network forms the basis of our executive search approach. It provides unrivalled access to the proverbial crown princess and princesses of the industry. And discrete introductions at leading employers.

"Our network provides unrivalled access to the proverbial crown princess and princesses of the industry. And discrete introductions at leading employers."

- Lara Erdtsieck

Deep market intelligence

A sublime fit that remains sustainable in the long run. That is our obsession. There are many predictors for this success. We analyzed and evaluated countless of consulting-related transfers over the years. 

Our conclusion is that the desired leverage ratio of a firm or team (with accompanying goals for business development, delivery and practice development) plays a central role. It determines virtually all relevant subfactors. After all: not everybody thrives in each leverage model. We designed a proprietary working method that is calibrated to this phenomenon.  

Our method does away with superficiality and random ‘matches’. And that can be quite confronting from time to time. 

Would you like to know more? 


"Our method does away with superficiality and random 'matches'. And that can be quite confronting from time to time."

- Henk-Jan Vrieling

Trackrecord (since 2000)

Successful placements

Different clients

Team transfers

Face to face interviews

Breakdown in




  • Consulting firm 52% 52%
  • M&A firm 21% 21%
  • Corporate strategy/transformation 16% 16%
  • Portfolio management PE 6% 6%
  • CxO at scale-ups 5% 5%
  • Energy & Utilities 21% 21%
  • Financial institutions 20% 20%
  • Consumer Products & Retail 17% 17%
  • Manufacturing & Logistics 14% 14%
  • Public & Health 9% 9%
  • Telecom & Media 5% 5%
  • Other 14% 14%
  • M&A, Valuations & Transaction Services 21% 21%
  • Digital/Technology, Cybersecurity & Data 18% 18%
  • Operations & Supply Chain 17% 17%
  • Strategy & Transformation 13% 13%
  • Customer & Marketing 11% 11%
  • People & Change 9% 9%
  • Finance, Risk & Compliance 6% 6%
  • Innovation & Sustainability 5% 5%

Way of working

Our way of working connects seamlessly to that of a consultant: analytical and structured. Sustainable success is in the details after all. Our formula is fully aligned with the consulting industry. We developed it with clients and perfected it through the years. Every search project follows the same eight steps. 

1. Assessment

A deepdive in all relevant details for a successful transfer of a partner and possibly an entire team. We agree on process and timelines of the project. A positive assessment of the achievability is an absolute condition for entering the search assignment. 

2.Profile & strategy

The collected information is translated into a chrystal clear profile. We only distribute this profile after you have signed off on it. We also create the most fitting search strategy. This means prioritizing relevant ’targets’, so the most interesting candidates are in front of the line. 

3. Approach network

By deploying the network that we built over the last 20 years, we search for the most relevant candidates. Careful and discrete. Usually we already know them. If not, we will find a way to connect via a warm introduction. Since searches at this level are usually confidential we do not advertise. After in-depth discussions regarding the profile we determine if the candidates background and motivation is strong enough to make the next step.

4. Interviews

In personal interviews we screen the candidates in relation to all ins and outs of the profile. A crucial point in the process. Our 20+ years long experience in executive search, complemented by our experience as entrepreneurs, investor, and board member, ususally makes us an equal conversation partner. Interviews always take place at discrete locations and at times that are convenient for the candidate. 

5. Shortlist presentation

We discuss the outcomes of the interviews with you and jointly decide with which candidates we will be arranging follow-up interviews for you. Of course we will inform you of our findings first. You can be sure that we will also point out potential weaker points. 

6. Client interviews

You follow your internal interview process. We support this process with preparation calls and evaluations of all meetings. And, if so desired, we will help you sharpen your process or interview techniques.

7. Closing the deal

All relevant issues have been addressed and all expectations are tightly managed. So a proposal that you make to the winning candidate should -in theory- be accepted. However, practice shows that oftentimes something does come up that needs to be dealt with. We help close the deal if necessary. 

8. Evaluation

We look back on the assignment. An evaluation of the process but also of the placement after a number of months. In order to keep learning and improving, we follow the progession of candidates closely. 

Leadership DD for investments or take-overs

We help investors with thorough due diligence on the leadership team of a take-over target or a potential investment opportunity. 

It is commonly known that having a succesful leadership team in place with potential to grow (with) with the business is one of the most important successfactors in case of a take-over or investment.

Nevertheless this factor is usually not part of the DD process. It remains an area where gut-feeling is the most important benchmark.

Recognize this? 

By using proven tools and psychological profiling interviews we provide an in-depth fleet review of the team and all individuals in it.

We look at (a.o.): vision, capacity to connect people, execution power and growth potential. Due to our years long experience as entrepreneurs, investors and headhunters we are able to paint a practical picture of these matters. 

Curious about the possibilities? 

Our partners

Lara Erdtsieck

Lara Erdtsieck

Henk-Jan Vrieling

Henk-Jan Vrieling

Frank van Loon

Frank van Loon

"We assist a reputable private equity fund in their search for buy-and-build take-overs in the Dutch consulting and interim market".

- Frank van Loon